Types of works

Main types of works:

  • designing of new construction and reconstruction: urban sewer and water supply networks, storm water discharge including drainage pipelines of deep and shallow embedding;

  • working out the designs of construction organization with application of special methods - water drawdown, freezing, cementation of soils;

  • strength calculations of underground structures on all types of possible loadings;

  • designing of a system of urban water supply stations of waterworks facilities: pure water reservoirs, pumping plants of the 1-st and 2-nd lifting, system of potable water decontamination by electrolytic installations, computer supervision over system’s control processes;

  • designing of a complex provision of urban territories with water and sewerage systems;

  • working out the designs of power supply, automatics, teleautomatics, control of gas medium, scheduling of technological processes;

  • designing of transport tunnels.

Present-day technological methods of construction are used in design solutions, namely: microtunneling, tunnel driving by mechanized panel board systems of 2 to 3,5 m in diameter, horizontal directed drilling, linear systems of trench walls strengthening , vacuum and deep water drawdown, soil cementationand freezing.