Reconstruction of a pass-through drainage pipeline of water pipeline from "Dnipro" Metro Station to Kirovogradskaya Str. in Kiev City

D = 1400 mm L = 4617 m H=32 to 94 m / sanitation /

Manufacture of reinforced-concrete pipes and ferro-concrete cylindrical mantle pipes

D from 1200 to 2700 mm, L from 2000 to 3000 mm
Pipes are fitted with interior polyethylene insert for protection of drainage pipelines against the harsh environment influence. Patent No. 47004 for mantle pipedesign and Patent No. 47005for manufacturing method.

Construction of a system of artesian water supply facilities of "Osokorki-Northern" Residential Area in Kiev City

including construction and equipment of pure water reservoirs (PWR). Capacity of 22000 cu.m.

Constructionof gravity flow sewage collectoralong Stolichny Highway in Kiev City

D = 500 mm L = 668,5 m H = 3-5 m /shaft tunneldriving/

Reconstruction of sewer collector along Degtjarenko Str.

D=1000-1200 mm, L=1,5 km, H=4-6 m, /sanitation/

Construction of sewer collector along Sortirovochnaya Str.

D=1200 mm,  L = 1 km,  H = 6-13 m /microtunneling/

Reconstruction of Shlihter sewer collector

D=600-700-900-1250-1450-2450 mm, L=4,4 km, H=7-9 m /sanitation, microtunneling,  shield driving/

Reconstruction of the III-rd turn of New-Darnitsky sewer collector

D=2980 mm, L = 7,7 km, H = 7-9 m /sanitation/

Reconstruction of sewer collector along M.Lebedev Str.

D=2400 mm, L = 1,3 km, H = 9-10 m /sanitation/